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    1-800 Rip OFF

        My current job requiers me to drive about 500 miles a week around

New York’s Hudson Valley. So yes I thank the good Lord for a thing called

 Sirus XM radio. 

Every now and then I hear this commercial  

The problem with this is I got roped into this for 4 months,  and when I tried to use it all i heard was, “Sorry, are you sure thats even insurance?”

 So after being denid 6 times I ask primary doctor, Have you heard of Medashare?

Her  answer yes but, it;s not REAL insurance, Sorry WHAT?

At best she said it’s an “supplemental insurance”  In english that means

“It might cover small medical issues” and as an added bonus good luck finding a doctor who takes it. 1-800-Bible

         The part I find very very  insulting is that  they prey on you with the oldest  trick in the book GOD

“and they all pray for each other” the ad states, sure they are all praying for each other. (for some reason trumpcare comes to mind)

They are praying they find real insurance before it’s too late.

I try to call Sirus customer service everytime i hear this rag of an ad, 

But to no end (Sirus is in for the money also)

              Far be it from me to tell  anybody what to buy, But what I would isuggest is to like Trumpcare you might  want to ask some questions before you write the check. 

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