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After the Working Life, Part 1

Updated: Jun 19

So starting the 3rd month of my semi-forced retirement, Susan my wife of

23 years says:  “Well maybe you should just sit there today and rest, you have the power”  She of course  is talking about this pre-summer cold that I have  and it just won’t go away,

(if you have this may I suggest Vicks  Nyqil ) 

Like you, I was always dreaming about those days coming the 

Golden Years, sleeping in, staying up late, and partying, till all hours.

Then you realize like a bad habit it’s hard to give up, I Mean after so many years of up at 4 am out the door by 5 letting the flow of the day, bring you back home in eight or ten hours. 


I will tell you on Sunday nights I still get that nervous Monday is coming feeling in my gut.

    It has been very tough for me to sit back and watch the world go by.

But then I Thank God, for the beautiful little life that surrounds me through these Golden Years  

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