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But we are all in this together, right ?

Its was Bush no it was Obama no it was Trump

So you hear this constantly they spend more, no they do.

Well truth be said, according to 

Repub;icains spend more and yes Mr.Trump the conservative did ring it up

 If you divide the debt accumulated during each president’s tenure by the number of years they served, Trump oversaw an increase in the debt of almost $2 trillion per year. President Joe Biden has overseen the addition of almost $1.6 trillion per year in his two-and-one-third years in office, which ranks second. In third place is Obama, who presided over the addition of nearly $1.2 trillion a year.

Another way to look at it also from factcheck

Obama ran up more debt than any other president in American history. If you look at debt accumulated on a per-year basis, Trump’s rate of increase in the debt was higher over four years than over Obama’s eight.

As. Anchie Bunker said:

Yes there are some out there that are still waiting for that mighty Trickle. I hate to burst that bubble. It ain't coming. For us older folk the  Glorious days of one Ronald Reagan the Inflation rate was about 

18% down 21% from President Carter. The Jobless rate was 10.9%

And the prime rate was 18%. And these were the good days.

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