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  Crisis What Crisis?

For years now all I have heard on 

C -span's Washington Journal no matter what the topic is,

(Fox Clip)

As well as Joe Biden sucks

(C-SPAN Clip)

It could be gun rights, Climate Change, or Ukraine

It all come back to:

(Msnbc Clip)

Imagine my surprise when the speaker of the house says.

Let;s go back in time to the Republicans first big

Make America great again subject


Remember this one?The clouds were going to open, the second coming

of Jesus was going to happening next 


Now of course many of the 

“Normal Republicans” Realized that this ruling was a 

To put it in a way, even Trump could understand language.

After all those years of chasing ,

Ever since then the GOP has lost on every ballot measure concerning abortion.

That was then this is now,

So Biden stirks a bipartisan immigration / Border deal

You're not Surprised are you?

Your Thoughts

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