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Fraud, Just Runs In The Family

        I have not heard much news lately about Hunter's Laptop, of course, facts never got in the way of a good Impeach Bideb story  As many Democrats or left-wingers have said, “If Hunter is guilty send his ass to jail” You might have noticed that you haven’t heard one “fake news” or the “investigation is rigged” as far as searching for the truth on this matter goes. And unless I miss my guess there is no evidence to connect son Hunter to Father Joe. I won't review the game tapes of the Republicans looking like morns, as they fish around for anything Biden. 

Speaking of a family of happy thieves 

          I’m sure we all remember Jarred Kushner husband of Ivanka Trump.

Now not to nit-pick but, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”

To keep it simple, that “No Proof” at all of Biden's crime family Vs. 83 indictments “and see your ass in court next Monday in New York” Trump family. 

       No sooner did Trump get in the White House,, look what happened

Ivanka and Chinaa few months later, Oh !!  look it happened Again.

       I understand you skeptics out there. “She is a great businesswoman, just like her dad” Exactly, just like her dad. 

             Now let’s spend some time with Jarred, You know of his Father

Of course according to Jarred “Dad did nothing wrong” 

             So father-in-law Trump gives son-in-law Jarred a seat in his administration.  Despite a lack of previous government experience, the 36-year-old senior adviser has been tasked to solve some of the world's most complex and confounding political problems domestically and abroad. He's taken on those tasks while also emerging as both a shadow secretary of state and point man for cleaning up Trump's gaffes.

                But wait ”Huston we have a problem So the person, Trump puts in charge of some tough world situations, forgetting the son-in-law connecting can’t get a top-level security clearance, because of “curious concerns of influence peddling”  WHAT??????    Don’t worry papa Trump gave him one anyway.

               Fast forward to Salon, which has a great story about how the

 just keeps on going, right under our collective noses.

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