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From O.J. To Monica to Stormy

Trump, Truth, Stormy, Trail

Is it just me or should I not be surprised at how nonchalantly this county is taking the Trump New York hush-money case? Think for a second, go back to the O.J. murder case, everybody and their mother were watching. The world stopped days before the verdict. In New York today, the candidate for a major political party is on trial for paying hush money to a porn star he had sex with, back in 2006 but waited till 2 weeks before election day 2015 to pay her off to keep her silent.

(read the red part again)

Do you see what Trump has done to us?

In the years of Carter, Reagan, and Obama this shit was unheard of.

Was there shit going on sure you had Kenndy, Clinton hell Warren Harding had a love child while he was in office.

Let’s talk about Clinton and the birth of the Lewinsky

“Oh that rascal Clinton, how he has disgraced the white house”

But wait there’s more, he said:

Now you can call it hypocrisy, sanctimoniousness,

Or as we called it in the Bronx Bullshit.

Today it seems that the whole party of Reagan, I meant the Trump Republican party can’t get to a camera fast enough to sing the praises of such an honorable, and good Christian man.

I put on Fox today, you know “fair and balanced” They gave the Trump trail 2 minutes and it was back to how the whole Middle East crisis is all Biden's fault. Then I watched Larry Kudlow tell me how the world economy was going to crash, because of Biden’s EV policy. Then that phrase came to my lips, It’s true

“Trump does love the uneducated” 

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