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Is Christianity Religion?

So let me start here I used to love attending the 8 am Sunday mass at St. George’s  Episcopal in Newburgh, NY. 

Enter tithing 

Only about 15 people would attend the 8 am mass, making it a very close-knit group., It was an hour of just shutting everything off and a sense of relaxation.

 After his sermon, he would open it up to any questions.

So on this Sunday, I asked:

“Will God still love me if I only give 8 percent of my income?”

The answer went like this:

“Yes, But”

When I got home my wife Susan and I talked about his answer, she mentioned how 

“You know you don't need a church to pray”

So with that said let’s begin.

What is Religion?

Religion is humanity’s attempt to reach out to God or the sacred or divine. It involves human effort to become acceptable to God or to give meaning to one’s life. 

What is Christianity?

No. Christianity is not a religion because it does not involve humanity’s attempt to reach God, but rather God’s attempt to reach humanity. Christianity is centered on a personal relationship between a creator God and His human creation

Now let’s add

Christian nationalism is a type of religious nationalism that is affiliated with Christianity. It primarily focuses on the internal politics of society, such as legislating civil and criminal laws that reflect their view of Christianity and the role of religion/s in political and social life.

Now let’s add Trump to the mix

The one thread that runs constantly in Trumpism is playing the victim.

It doesn’t matter victim of what, it could be religion, economics, racism, 

You could be a victim of gas stoves, electric vehicles, or any idea that comes out of the Democratic party.

I’m sure that this is just part 1

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