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  Is this really the best we have?, on BOTH sides

Today’s Question:

Is the fate of our lives really between these two choices?

Its hard to believe that in a country of 360 million people, 

This is it?

Now simplicity being what it is, the answer is yes.

Never in my 66 years has a presidential election been more weighted than this one. 

So on one side, we have Democracy, you know it’s been around for some 247 years now.

On the other side, we have well let's call it him, some other words i have heard “God not again” or “Once is enough” or you  can call what he’s been selling Fascism

Do I wish Biden was a little younger, sure, but the real question should be what has he done.

Let's review what He did in his first term.

God gave us all the tools to decide for ourselves.

Your thoughts

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