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So Today's Question Is,

Why is this poor excuse of a man still walking the streets?

You know as well as me, that if we did half of the crap this guy so far has gotten away with, we would be behind bars. But here's the kicker of the whole story of DJT. He has been a

CON MAN all his life. If not for his daddy Don the Con would be selling shoes in the Passaic Mall, in Jersey. So my problem isn't with Little Donny, being from New York we knew he was nothing but white trash with cash.

My Issue is with WE THE PEOPLE maybe not you and I BUT many of our fellow Americans / Neighbours our supporting this mutt. Look around your in your world

road signs, flags, and oh God those made-in-China red hats.

Remember as I hear often on Cspan's Washington Journal,

I have no money to feed my children or buy gasoline but, I will send DJT. $25. Dollars.

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