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So you would still vote for who?

  Trump Really?

One of my favorite shows is C Span’s Washington Journal. It delivers the unfiltered political voice of America each morning.

Topics try to Vary but all roads Democratic or Republican always end up back to

Now yes I'm a self thinking Democrat / Liberal. 

No i don’t agree with everything Bidin has done,

And yes  I was very pissed when Obama gave up on universal healthcare. Not to mention i once voted for George Pataki

With all that said, I don’t  understand how anyone can treat Trump like a regular politician running for office .You hear things like:

“Only he can fix it, because he;s a great business man”

Or, “He will drain the swamp”, “only he can save America”

The past being a roadmap to the future, Trump tried to

In normal times an idea like that would probably get you kicked out of the party. Ah but my friends these  are not normal daze.

With 91 indictments, ,He stole documents, China paid him 8 million dollars while he was still president,  And all his "Nothing but the best people" administration are telling you what kind of mutt this guy was for 4 years.

And yet you are voting for WHO?

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