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Stupid Donnie Says, The Game

Years ago you and your friends probably remember playing a game called

 Okay now  fast forward some 50 years and let us introduce our Republican friends,  Florida’s own Matt Gaetz and Western New York's  Elise Stefanik.

A little back story

Days after Stupid Donnie shut down the the bipartisan “Border Bill”

            And even with the last 3 years of the GOP crying and swearing to

 God that 


 But wait Stupid Donnie Says, 

All of a sudden from Sean Hannity to all the House & Senate republicans 

Allow me to use my best down south twang

“I never liked that bill”

But sir, the border police really want you to pass the bill?

“We know better than the border police”

Answer: F’ off America Trump know best

Meanwhile back to Matt & Elise and 60 other ass kissers last

  Tuesday that they had signed onto a resolution declaring that Mr. Trump “did not engage in insurrection.”

That Right it Jan 6th 2021

How Stupid do they think you are?

Ask Yourself

 Do we relly need 4 more years of this crap?

Your Thoughts?

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