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Trump, He’s Playing US Like Barnum

Anyone else’s stomach turn when our supposed Supreme Court

Is taking the sides of a well known crook ? Telling the American people that, it is okay for Dump to call to assainate a potilicial competitor.

To put in plain Trumpism english

Don’t worry about:

“There is a Rooster in the Hen House”

Just give him the fu king keys to the place, ask questions later.

The New America my friends or, until a Democrat gets in the White House.

Going into the coverage of the Supreme Court the other day every TV pundent was swearing up and down, there is no way the SCTUS would ever agree with Trump’s  idea of immunity

P.T. Barnum said,

The mere fact that this idea of 

Is even at question in the land of

No matter how or when or what SCTUS returns with as a verdict 

“Trumps wins again”

Stall, stall, delay and then stall a little more  that’s been the 

Trumps leagel playbook all his crooked life.

And America you did it again!

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