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24 Hours later, What Did You See?

Updated: Jun 19

So the United States has had 24 hours to absorb that the first American President in 235 years to be criminally indicted. Question, So how are we doing? Depending on where you get your news odds are we have been told 2 different summaries of what happened in a courtroom in New York on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

                    On Earth One, We were told not to be so happy about the 34 indictments against Trump. The American justice system proved that no one is above the law.


                    On Earth-Two, This verdict is a disgrace, we have become a third-world Banana Republic.


                     Back On  Earth One,  What this means 

                     Back On Earth-Two,      What this means


                    So if you wonder how it is possible that some see sunshine and some see rain,  all at the same moment, welcome to The Matrix.


                   What I find so insulting is that convict Trump is still walking the streets, free and easy. Anybody else would be held more than likely without bail.   But those two tiers of justice (the same one that Trump bitches about) Has the convict holding a press conference about HOW he is being “wronged and how he’s doing it for us” Throw in how the rest of the GOP is sticking their nose’s up Trump's ass, and you’ll say so “What’s changed”? 

                 Reading the C-SPAN Facebook page this morning, The usual messages Trump sucks, Kamma,  it’s about time, To this is all about the Joe Biden DOJ,  Democrats suck, Trump is the best President we ever had. So i posted Would all the Trumpers be so righteous if it was Obama or let’s say a Democrat?  P.S. I'm still waiting for an answer. 

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