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Authoritarianism, Do you know what it is?

Updated: Jun 19

Like many, I found myself in the middle of an online discussion the other night, this person was telling me that Trump, will be more Presidential in his second term. When I asked why he said “he is getting help from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán”, after I cleaned my glasses and rubbed my eyes to ensure I was reading his response, I asked if this was a good thing.?  

Yes, he replied.

It seems it’s much easier today to flip people off, without trying to find common ground. Understanding that we all have our bubbles that we stay and feel secure in. I feel this election has to be understood by all and realize what is at stake.

Keep It Simple Stupid    

In a democracy, the government is accountable to its citizens, but in an authoritarian system, the government is not accountable to its citizens. In a democracy, citizens are subject to the same laws as their leader, but in an authoritarian government, leaders are not subject to punishment

So basically the difference is:

 Democratic governments are controlled by the people, whose rights are protected; Authoritarian governments control the people, who have few or no rights.

The difference is how you look at it, 

Yes Trump has single-handedly 

Fuck this country up, again it’s how you look at it.

But, you can VOTE HIM & his little trumpers out-of-office.

Whereas under Orban, no such luck.

As I have written on these pages many, many times 

“I’m not that smart”

But I do sing the praises of Dr. Google for Information.

If have read this to the end I Thank You, And odds are I have 

been singing to the choir, about this election.

I do feel though as much as it hurts we need to step outside our bubbles and at least try to reason. Remember these were our friends & families once,

The only way to stop and end TRUMPISM is to talk and 

reason with one another.

Trust me,

he hates that.

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