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But, They Know They Are Full…

 You must realize from little Mikey Johnson to Gym Jordan to all of Fox Entertainment, they all know that. (It’s catchy little diddy)

                           What that, you want some proof? One more 

     So they know they are (pardon my language) full of shit, but they say it and spread it as if it was manure in a garden. They are willing to gamble away our law & order on a LIE. Like any good Trump Lie there has to be a way to Grift, I mean what is a lie for if not to profit? So he starts the 

                                          Stop the Steal Pac sounds like the

                   >>>>>>>>Build the Wall Fund<<<<<<<<<


            Let's throw another wrench into the American experiment,

       The Supreme Court, what was once a bright star on the tree of this republic, is becoming a bad case of sand in the Vaseline. 

I’m not talking about their judgment calls Roe vs, Wade, gutting the Voting Rights Act. and unfortunately I have a feeling some more real bad rulings will start this week. No, I'm talking about Clarence & Ginny Thomas

  And then there is the Alitos.

          So with all SHIT going on all around on a day-by-day basis, and you are just trying to keep the wheels on till payday on Friday, You thank God pot is legal in New York. As i have said many times the only offense we have is the VOTE, Yes, your vote will help stop some of this head-spinning crap. Will it stop all of it? Can’t say,  but it will be a start, to get back down the road to the America we knew before that golden escalator.   

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