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Civil War, Wait a Minute, for Who?

Updated: Jun 19

This being Memorial Day weekend, I would like to say to all who have served and those who are currently serving to protect us around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week Thank You, and God Bless You.

Not to use the precious blood, of our falling soldiers to segway into this story But, I have some questions.

Being part of the Baby Boomer generation yes I do remember Woodstock

So according to a good percentage of Trumpers, we are heading into another war, except this one on purpose, so they say

I just want to take a minute to clear up some “facts”? You just heard.

About they are coming for your Guns

 No, No one has come for your guns Go back to the days of Obama, and the black are coming helicopters, again nobody, so please stop.

“If THEY push the wrong button”

So help me here, who are they? Aren’t we all part of they?

You can see my confusion,

From what I know about wars it takes 2 sides to make it work.

The Good side and The Bad side

You have the North against the South

East against the West

My apologies to those who think I’m trying to make a joke about war.

Not at all, I'm simply just trying to make sense of what I hear on news channels lately.

One more thing WAR needs is a REASON to go into battle

The one common denominator I keep hearing about here is 

“Trump says”

This is the same Trump who try to overthrow “YOUR GOVERNMENT”

Because he’s not man enough to admit he lost an election.

There are American citizens in jail now for the sake of the BIG LIE. Most of his first administration is in legal jeopardy because of his lies.

              The Best part is he knew he LOST the election of 2020. BUT

                                                 He didn’t give a SHIT

As he just said “His Instincts are a BIG part of it”

Trump's logic has always been to 

“throw as much shit against the wall and push whatever sticks”

Then he plays the I am “VICTIM” card and like a black hole in space, 

he Sucks in as many innocent people as he can, into his orbit of stink

And some want to fight a Civil war for him!!!!

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