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Donnie, That Ice Is Melting Baby

So over the last 4 to 5 years of the Trump crime family

The majority of Americans have been yelling

“When will this poor excuse of a man face his crimes”

First, we had all the indictments, which gave us some proof and acknowledgment that we all knew he was nothing but a  petty thief.

But wait, it’s Trump 

The stall tactics begin, the judge in Florida is a Trump hack.

His lawyers are making anything up using our judicial for the good of Trump.

And then the loud whispering that, he going to get away with it again!!

As they said in Florida

What I find amazing is that most Trumpers believe that it is all a lie.

Now I can see one or two maybe 3 charges against him that could be called Bullshit, All of them in 4 different states stop it. 2+2=4

No matter what you have heard, or what you have been told by who, 


In the game of life, you have to realize one day or another 

 Sooner or later 

 , Robin Willams said it best

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