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From Russia With Love?

First there was this Moron if that didn”t make you nauseous,

this scumbag added in 

“Putin is on top of his game” & “It’s America’s Fault”

Don’t forget to clutch your Bible and beads while speaking of mother Russia.

So ask yourself, what the hell is going on?

You have to realize that Trump has been using his playbook on America to become the great divider & thief.

Proof you ask?

You might have noticed over the last seven years that 

Trump never admits any wrongdoings.

It's always SOMEBODY ELSE fault.

And that's how all the dividing started.

You throw His buddy Putin in the mix along with simplemined 

 ass kissers like MAGA.and you have. 

The new party of Lincoln.

Gee I wonder what trump has planned for America /World 

In his (God Forbid) second term

Now read this

Have a great weekend 

Your thoughts

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