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God made What?

Today's Question:

God made What?

I’m sure by now you have seen the latest Trump Ad,

As of Saturday Afternoon January 6th, 2024, between the snowflakes here in New York, I have not heard one peep from any of those Good old, Bible-preaching, God-loving, God-fearing, gun-toting Republicans. Now I'm giving them the time to see and hear the Video, perhaps they are in prayer service, or helping the poor at a soup kitchen. If you remember for 4 years they never saw a Trump tweet.

So you ask yourself what about the Evangelicals

 Surely they must see the hypocrisy of Trump?

Again not a peep, they will just keep using that bible as a shield and pray that nobody asks them about their true feelings on the state of Trump and the Church.

Speaking for myself I felt so ashamed for what this ad stands for. The blasphemy, along with the public hurt that this fraudulent, con-man has put upon our nation.

What did Kevin McCarthy  say about Trump?

Wait i think the Republicans have something to say about January 6th, 2021

So again I ask, 

God made What?

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