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GOP, Ethics, Pride or Trump

What should kick you in the ass is just how stupid they think we are.

Outside the fact that nothing 

What has the Republican party done in the last 4 years? 

Well, most times it’s impeach this one, impeach that one, or

That elusive Hunter’s laptop. To be fair the Democrats want Trump to be held accountable for the crimes he is indicted for while out of office.

So pride, I don’t see any? On the GOP side


You can’t talk Ethics without mentioning 

Sumpren Court Clarence Thoams  

The questions with the Sumpren Court is

“Why don’t they have Ethics Rules to live by?

According to Mitch McConnel

We hear more and more about this Biden two-tier justice system.

It seems to me the only ones bitching about this two-tier justice system are the ones using it the most. You know the ones with Ethics, Pride, and of course Trump.

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