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How Reagan Gave Birth to Fox and…..

Updated: Jun 19

 The more shit that we hear hour after hour, the more we ask ourselves


          Enter the Fairness Doctrine    

      The bottom line was that all media outlets had to give equal time to both sides,The key word here is they had to until                                     


                       So with the help of 2 links to Youtube and 1 link to the                                       LA. Times, ladies and gentlemen that’s how we got here.

                      That doesn't help explain or justify what the shit that we hear all today on all sorts of media,  The fairness doctrine was easy to govern when you only had 5 maybe 6 major licensed broadcast stations  



With the speed and growth of the cable industry, the fairness doctrine at the time seemed to get in the way, and we know what Reagan did.

That growth Is now bombarded us from all sides with sorts from, podcasts, YouTube channels, Bloggs, Sirius, XM, and Spotify. Let's slso mention all the social media stuff, that we “can’t live without” 24/7.  

You can see how the truth gets lost in the sauce, (some sites welcome that by the way) 

So here is hoping for peace in our minds.

Good Luck.

In case you are asking 

Yes Our Government Officials should bring back

The Fairness Doctrine 

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