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If Trump Is Innocent, Why The Delay?

From what I read and heard on the Washington Journal, his supporters can spin it all they want. But It doesn’t matter if you are running for President or your neighbor started a rumor about you or your family. 

You want your good name cleared, it’s called 

If he is so innocent, and the prosecution is so rigged, wouldn't an innocent person want to face and fight this rigged prosecution, crawl through glass, and walk over fire to proclaim his innocence? An innocent man yes,

     So it always comes back to

 “Who in their right mind is voting for this mutt again,and why?

Your guess is as good as mine or these people.

You have to hope that maybe if he is found guilty of something, that might help to take some off the luster that he has been living in. But some people as we have seen, listen to, and talked to our just committed to the ways of trump as we are to democracy.

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