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Look! a hoax, with facts?

Two of the best apps i have on my phone is 

Newsbreak & Google

It constantly updates throughout the day, and keeps you in touch with the world (if you dare) during your workday.

So with that when I hear:The Great Russia Hoax or

Russia, Russia, Russia

Can we please get some FACTS before we swear on that stack of Bibles

Aug 18th, 2020

No ‘Hoax’: Bipartisan Senate Report Confirms Russian 2016 Role, Putin Ordered DNC Hack, More

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in a statement, who then went on to say that what the committee found was “very troubling.” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), meanwhile, encouraged “all Americans to carefully review the documented evidence of the unprecedented and massive intervention campaign waged on behalf of then-candidate Donald Trump by Russians and their operatives and to reach their own independent conclusions.”

The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization—or think tank—that creates a presence for and promotes libertarian ideas in policy debates.

OCT. 25, 2022

Russian agents did conspire to influence the election, undermine Clinton and help Trump, and Trump as well as people close to him eagerly welcomed the help.

Like anything in this life of ours  there are two sides of every story even the

“Great Hoax”

 The whats & where’s should matter when it comes to making a decision. It’s just as important to from where you get your Information   to base your facts on.

It’s my own opinion it is hard to take stock in a News network

That knowingly helped spread the Biggest policial in my lifetime, get sued not once

but twice, and pretend to be a real news organization.

Your Thoughts? 

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