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Look what one MUTT has done to US all


He’s going to drive the US right off the cliff

So we all know who the MUTT is, and we all know what he has done.

Why though?

How did a spoiled white kid from Queen's get the power to influence almost 50% of this Nation under God?

I know at times the human mind is weak, but that same mind wakes up to reality after a while, or it used to.

But again WHY?

We can blame Religion, we all remember Jim & Tammy and friends.

Can we blame Racism? 

How about the mental side of Covid

It could be a combination of all the above. 

Is it possible that our lives are so empty, that we can jump at any stitch of family? 

To be honest I have no idea how to fix or repair Trumpism.

We can only hope that on the night of  November 5th, 2024

That Democracy wins. 

Of course, MUTT is already yelling rigged

But what’s new?

It’s trump

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