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Losing Democracy! news at 11

   So if you are a trump hater, or just a New Yorker that  new one day Trump would get his, these are happy clappy times. In our Glee we are mising something much BIGGER then a spoiled white getting what he deserves.

The other day the ass kissing wing of the Trump Republican came to New York to support “ Our Friend all dress in Trump attire, and funny thing all saying the same thing.

No, i’m not going to fact check what she said, just Google it

The problem here is that they are all spreading the Trump election Big Lie which has now Turned into  American Reality

When you have your Dam well paid elected officials outside a courthouse screaming out that everything is rigged, the judge is a crook leave Trump alone.

How are we the American people suppose to feel about our country?

Should we live the life of Trump and say “fuck you it’s mine”

Or maybe we can use it as a excuse “Well Trump said it’s all fake”

A good one would be I don’t have to pay “Trump said”

Lets strench this concept out a little more 

Yeah i shot him because, “Trump said he’s not an American”

One more, I drove my car into that school because”Trump said they are not the right religion” 

Stupied examples? Or looking into our future of America?

We add the above as a preview of Project 2025 

We are laughing now, We won’t be laughing later 


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