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Low-Information Voters, Please Stand Up

In last addition to this blog, I wrote

“Trump a love affair with Victimhood”

Some of the comments I received talked about the tern

Which made me think,


If you listen to C-SPAN's Washington Journal in the morning

My God, it’s all of us.  Honestly between Trump sucks and the Biden Crime family and we all saw Hillary was dating Vince Foster in that Pizzaria outside Washington, and Elvis has Hunter’s laptop. I’m just getting over whose on first. It’s all whiplash to me.

Way back in the days of B.C. (before) cable), I used to research stocks now as mentioned in the daze of B.C. there was no 5k or 4k we had an

AOL.. There was also no content, No Porn, no steaming services 

No Facebook, no TIK TOK. not even a Goggle, and somehow we survived. 

Back to researching stocks, there was only one place to get the right information about any stock it was called EDGAR

And the joy of using EDGAR was there was only one EDGAR

Let me give you an example

You can have say 5 million people watching the same movie at the same time on NetFlicks and you none the wiser.

Back in the day with EDGAR and AOL if more than 1000 people were using the service at the same time, you could watch 2 episodes of Kojak, and if you're lucky it might just be downloaded by then.

So with the idea of Low -Information Voters could it be they don’t have that modern-day

Or we just say


It could also be some people are sheep and would rather follow than question. 

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