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One More About Sirus XM

Meanwhile back on the road, we all know that Republicans yes even Trump Republicans, love to make everyone live in a world of worry.

  It could be another Caravn from Greece, or those Luxembourgers from Luxembourg, and ever since Obama we are still waiting for those Black Helicopters 

      the one that’s in rotation now on Sirus XM, is 

    My Patriot Supply 

(from web site)

We live by this motto: “It’s Not Just Food - It’s Freedom.”

             When we launched My Patriot Supply in early 2008 as the first patriot emergency supply company, we had no idea what was coming. Nobody did. Since then, cyber terrorism has become a reality, natural disasters have repeatedly struck, a worldwide pandemic shutdown the country, supply chains have strained or broken, we've been consumed by increasing global military conflicts, and shortages are more commonplace. We believe it’s every person’s patriotic duty to achieve TRUE FREEDOM from our world’s increasingly unreliable and fragile systems. 

            The best way to do this is to invest in your personal liberty—not governments or corporations—for the basics of life. When we say food is freedom, we mean it. Our food, water, power, seeds, and survival supplies keep you secure, self-reliant, and able to face any challenge on your own terms.

 So according to whatever right wing media you read or listen too, you better not sleep tonite, because there coming!

I leave to you the article i read a few years ago about the above mentioned in the

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