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Reagan, The Border, Facts Included

 Depending on who, what & where you get your news it seems like the Southern Border is a crisis. But it has been this way since say the mid-eighties according to the Data: Customs and Border Protection; Chart (please see mid-eighties Link) 

 In the debate in 1986, Ronald Reagan said

 Before that Reagan also made comments about border crossings in 1980 (oh yes he did) 

                On January 11th, 1989 he gave his farewell speech to the nation.

 I was never a big Reagan fan but, this was a great speech.

                  Here’s President Biden’s speech on immigration  just a few weeks ago 

                    Both speeches granted are 44 years apart but say the same thing. America is here to help. Reagan believed in answering the question

“Why are people fleeing their homeland?” He believed that if you help people in a foreign country, you also strengthen America. The Republicans Reagan Revolution.

                      A mere 44 years later the Trump Republican party is offering you this.  And This. And then there is Project 2025


                  Between now and election day you will be hearing much more about Project 2025. I pray we all, take the time and understand what the project 2025 means to you, your family as well as your way of life. Please don’t take my word or someone else's word. This coming election is not the time to “call it in”. 

             We all have to get involved, for the Life of America 


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