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So what if he loses AGAIN?

  Not to be counting my chicken but, reality tells me that if you didn’t vote for him before,with 91 indictments waiting in the wings, call it a good guess i don’t think your starting now,

So after the traditional “ it was rigged or that was rigged”

 (by the way he has started that shit  already)

My reasoning for me to be asking, some would say outlandish question is simple:

What's next  for the rest of America?

        With the understanding that about 35% to 40% percent of the country will be pissed off. Mainly because, It’s much deeper than just Trump. Trump tapped into something that was roiling under the surface of America, like a pressure cooker, and then he turned up the heat and watched the whole thing blow, Just like January 6th 2021.

     Even if Trump was to die tomorrow that would be something that the Republicans will be struggling with for the next decade or more.

What should happen to the Trump asskissers in Washington.

Will they slither back under a rock from which they came?

Personality it’s not them i care about, because like Sean Hanity 

for another dollar he would become a Democrat. 

What is going to happen to the millions of our neighbors, when they realize they have been duped and swindled, 


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