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Sorry, But Your Too Old

So for what I have read and heard that Biden, just like Obama,  like Reagan,  like Both Bushes, had a bad first Debate. The difference here is however the person that won that thinks he won the first debate, staired into the American homes and lie his ass off, or just answered with blah, blah. Now to be fair Biden has been working for the American people some 50 years. Trump has been lying some 78 years so he is better at it.

Biden is running to finish up what he started, the small things, Womans Rights, Voting Rights, Saver Gun Rights, Clean water , energy you know the small things in your life.

What is Trump running for? His own Freedom with 31 felonies convictions, plus a rape charge , the Grifter & Theif knows when he losses (and he will) he will be forgotten faster then last night Big Mac. I know Little Mikey Johnson and the Trump boys in congress are defense for their Orange Jesue, and even if the Extreme court favors him with total Imunity, or the Trump judge in Florida that still won't stop justice. A little delay perhaps , but Justice will find you

So did  Biden`s debate performance suck? YES!!!

It was very hard to watch, and I was in the ER thinking i had a heart attack (i'm fine thanks) I saw the panic attack hit all the talking heads on TV


Hold On

What did Trump say about an Abortion Ban? He would what?

So why would Woman of both parties change their vote to Trump?

because Biden had a bad debate performance?

One more question, has anybody had a bad day at work ? or a poor

performance review on a project? or suck while doing something you love and you can't why it went wrong? Should you have gotten fired ? So think of all the years and pride you put into your work, and one bad review your history, Now I understand that debating to be President of the United States don't compare to

"you lost a contract at work" But IT'S A DEBATE, NOT A RULING.

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