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Stop Trumpism, by doing what He Hates

As we all know by now Trumpism feeds on his ego and his con of  Victimhood.

There is little doubt that Trump ripped off the bandage and let the bloodstream of Hate flow from all corners of America.

He has spun his web of con-artistry, by making us angry at each other.

       Let’s go back to where it all started,  who here ever heard of 

Alternate facts” before Trump?

So that’s how it started and it’s all our fault to let it continue. Like a spoiled 77-year-old child, trump has never been held accountable.  

Through all his Bankruptcies his daddy would always bail him out. So blame bad parenting. But now the man-child is 77 years old, and he is as spoiled as old shrimp. 

Instead of letting him sink with all his deeds, what do we do?

We bail out the aged brat, trust me, he knows we won’t let him sink.

He spreads his lies of victimhood to whoever, or whatever is listening.

Knowing that “No one would dare question his crap”

So how do we stop the spread of Trumpism

At his latest rally, I didn't hear one positive thing about America.

Just his usual bluster and talking points.

But that is what his people want to hear, sort of like 

“Play it again Sam” 

We are doing the same thing his Father did, just keeps feeding his head and looking the other way, in hopes one day he gets better. Or in this case, hope he completes a normal sentence.

I Pledge my theory of:

 Just talked to one another, like we all used to before Trump 

 Would not just squash Trumpism but. Would bring the MAGA

Movement down to its knees.

It’s all about people and 

We are the People, and we have 

Power to fix anything


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