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This week in Stupied?


We will start this one on 

Friday 2/2/2024

CNN: The US economy added 353,000 jobs in January, starting off 2024 with a bang” 

1. Which of course leads Trump to say:

Trump says:  “We had the best unemployment rates ever. And they were real unemployment, not like you have today where nobody’s working and they consider it to be."


2.  Now If the  God made Trump” Ad, made you lose your lunch

                        Well watch it because he comes dinner

                        John Voight compares: “Trump to Jesus”

I’m still waiting for all those God fearing,Bible,Thumpers, Evangelicals Republicans ( that's you Speaker Mike Johnson)  to proclaim the blasphemy that is your Orange Jesus.

  3. This should have probably been number one but, it's too late to stop now . What's a week in America without a good conspiracy,

Enter the SWIFTEES . You will have to excuse me i feel my afternoon snack is repeating 

                                 Your Thoughts?

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