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Trump, A Love Affair Being A Victim

Day in and day out we hear the same thing

“How the Hell is anybody going to vote for this moron?”

I have thought about why it’s

about LIFE Baby

We all went to school hoping to be all we could be.

Bottom line

Some did, Some didn’t 

But is that the right scale to judge your life on?

Not to mention the obvious question,

Who is this Judge, and what gives him the right to judge me?

As you can see this circle of questions can go round and round until we get to:

Now this to relative to yourself, 

In my 66 years, I have always said that I am one of the luckiest people on God’s Green earth. I had a great family structure growing up,I have a beautiful wife whom I adore, and My Best friends our my Brother and his Wife whom I thank God for each day. I have always loved what I do for a living, so I never had a real job. Plus I laugh and smile most of the time.

So that is my story of success (thanks for Listening)

We have all one time in our lives carried a grudge

Against something or someone.

Now some just let it go, life is way to short to sweat the small stuff

On the other hand, some hold on the that grudge till it turns a white heat of hate.

To those people ( let’s call them (Trump supportersyou have to ask, 

What pissed you off so much,  that you are willing to sacrifice democracy? The answer is 


It’s easier to complain about your life than actually trying to improve it. Add a con-man Let’s call him Donald Trump and there it is.

A happy angry little family that would rather follow than take responsibility for there actions in life.

Or so it seems to me.

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