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Trump, Violence = Grift


  As we all heard Trump’s lawyer in the New York hush money case called him “just like us, a family man, and father” I like to open with a joke.

           Reading this morning I see Trump is seeding his supporters with the old “If I don’t win” bullshit. Trump is already pissed off over the lack of his cult members not showing up to protest, his legal affairs. I still find it nuts even with all the facts coming out of this case, Trumpers “Don’t believe it”, I think it’s the educational system in some states.

 So today the judge in New York charged him with contempt of court. He was fined a Whooping $9000.00 plus a warning of jail time on his next offense. 

             We all know that’s what Trump wants, he can send out more Email donations on it, plus he can preach to his people on how he is

being held a victim by the Biden Administration. He can Hoist himself onto his cross of lies and grift baby grift. And your friends and mine will write that check, then bitch how the economy sucks. 

  It all makes for great television. …Next on Trump, will be right back

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