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Trust me i”m not that smart

I feel like the beginning of this Blog is a poorly told joke, but in the era of Trump some would call it fact.

Not to steal anything from  Joe Scarbough  this morning, 


Who believes the diarrhea that comes out of his mouth?

Unfortunately some do, so i’m going to attempt to simplify 

North Atlantic Treaty Organization


So listening to C-span’s Washington’s Journal this morning,

callers were mixing facts with Trump.

There is no bank in America with a Donald Trump 

NATO Savings or checking Account.

So where is all the Money going?

NATO Secretary General, Manlio Brosio that in his opinion the only appropriate place to relocate NATO’s military headquarters was Belgium and, more specifically, the Brussels region. One month later, on 6 June, the final report of the task force on SHAPE’s relocation was circulated; it confirmed that the Brussels region had been chosen.

The grapevine began buzzing on 4 April, after the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) since one of these countries was concerned by the move. The other NATO member countries were less centrally located, besides which Belgium had 25,000 m2 of premises to offer. In a letter dated 3 May 1966, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at the time

Now about Funding NATO

NATO's civilian budget (running costs for NATO Headquarters), military budget (costs of the integrated Command Structure) and NSIP (military capabilities) are commonly funded, i.e., they cover requirements that are not the responsibility of any single member, such as NATO-wide air defense or the command structure.

Before I go 

Just a few key highlights to remember. 

  1. 1. Trump doesn't run or direct  the steps of NATO.

  2. Trump has nothing to do with the funding of NATO.

  3. Yes Trump, if he is president, can pull America out of NATO.

Now of course there's much more than two paragraphs of information on how the worldwide system called NATO works.

Let’s call  it a good start.

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