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Two Levels of Stupid

So the Republican party would like you to believe the nation's economy was much better under Trump.

Using some facts from those wild leftist folks at Bloomberg news 

So pending what the above facts mean, you can call bullshit if you would like to. On the other hand, looking back at Trump's history he knows he is going to lose again. Even bigger this time

Why else is he already screaming “RIGGED” again?

Now if you are saying Bullshit Joe, and you are going to stand by the old line.

“Because 2020 was stolen and rigged

I Don't want to argue this point please, go find a mirror and talk to it.

Often I do ask myself how America made it 44 presidents without hearing

“Rigged, Stolen, Fake news, Immunity, Insurecstion” to name just a few? Of course, just in the last few hours, Trump has lowered the bar even more

Selling Trump-endorsed Bibbles for $60.00 plus shipping

Not to mention this little number that would land you or me a visit from the FBI and perhaps some jail time.


Keep these phrases in mind

“There is a sucker born every minute”

“A fool and his money are often parted”

Mr. Trump is having a Big Campain Event in Mara-a-logo 

Billionaire John Catsimatidis. Guests are being asked to contribute $814,600 per person as a “chairman” contributor or $250,000 per person. Perks of attendance include a personalized copy of Trump’s coffee table book with photographs from his administration. What Donnie No Bibles?

Of course, all proceeds one way or another go to the 

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