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Unprecedented, So why are we Pretending?

I’m sure I am not alone when I hear

“These are unprecedented times”


“This is so unprecedented”


“He’s an unprecedented candidate”

Q. So why are we pretending this is normal?

The easy answer is “Well you know” and that American sense of reasoning will lead Trump back to the White House.

So understanding that being somewhat retired I marinate myself in this political sewer daily. However, these are unprecedented times.

Why are these unprecedented times?

Somehow we have to pretend that a major news network didn’t get sued for lying to the American people in hopes to shill for a political party.

We are asked to believe what HE says about January 6th 202.  let’s stop right here as I have said many times Trump is a con man, BUT it takes people to buy the con. In this case, did you hear the people clapping and cheering when he said beautiful day and that he would pardon many of the rioters? 

So with that bit of acknowledgment, it is we the people that are allowing this to happen to ourselves 

     We are again asked to believe THEY to what we saw with our own eyes on January 6th, 2021. As mentioned before about Fox, yes they got sued, But the beat goes on, and the people are still buying the lie.

To think these are just 2 issues of showing lies and telling us 

“These are unprecedented times”

I can fast-forward to 84 indictments and explain how the GOP has circled the wagon around their precious Trump.

Or how a Trump-appointed judge can just time-lapse a case, that includes the stealing of top secret documents. And let justice be damned. Should we talk about Fanni Wills, and how all of a sudden the Georgia Republican Legislature is helping to slow walk if not cripple the Ricco case against Trump and his “nothing but the best” friends.

One more how about the 

Enough said.

“These are unprecedented times?”

Yes, but only if we allow it.

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