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What If Biden Was A Republican?

Let’s say with all things being equal that Joe Biden, was a Starch Reagan

Republican. In his first term with the help of some bipartisanship in both the House and the Senate, he managed to get a few things done.


 Starting with, the Inflation Reduction Act,  Improved health care for veterans,  CHIPS and Science Act Safer Communities Act,  Restored American leadership on the world stage,  Ended America’s longest war, Addressed gender-based violence,  Passed the American Rescue Plan, Expanded Child Tax Credit Biggest year of job growth in American history, Took action to combat COVID-19,  Passed The Infrastructure Law, Combatting the climate crisis, Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords Expanded health care to millions of Americans,  Confirmed 1st Black woman to the Supreme Court,  50 circuit and district court nominees have been confirmed,  Made in America strategy resulted in the largest yearly increase in U.S. manufacturing jobs in nearly 30 years,

 All this while struggling with a worldwide pandemic

Now if Republican President Joe Biden did all this, the GOP would have a stamp and a craving made on Mt. Rushmore.

However, not all things are equal in our world today.

 You can call it hypocrisy, sanctimonious, oh what a lie, or to be less woke

It would be easy to say well Fox News is at it again.

Hold On, let’s clean up Trump and Fox's latest bullshit

We are not all that smart either, Proof 

So is it the media’s fault?

Or is it TikTok over facts? Or there’s no cure for stupidity?

One more before I Go.

So the Dow just closed above 40,000 for the first time. We know that

 Wall Street doesn't translate onto Main Street. 

So how do you read these stats?

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