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What Wheels? What Justice?

        When does this shit stop delay delay delay isn't it the people against Donald Trump aren't we the people when do we the people get our pound of flesh? When do we tell this con man your fucking game is over?   

 This is all our taxpayer money being wasted throw the fucker in jail already enough is enough!!!

 I understand the wheels of Justice grind slowly but for the love of God grind him in them already.

So I posted this Thursday when his New York trial got pushed back another MONTH. I put it on the usual social sites and wanted to share some responses I got in return.

 Ohio…. "You don’t love America if you question our judicial system?"

I replied,  Here is your problem Ohio, if you or I have been sitting on 30 top-secret  documents, or for that point even One, our asses would be in jail rotten away, 

Kentucky….. "You” Democrats just don’t like Trump".

 I replied, ……. Listen, to begin with, I question the common sense of anybody who does like him. Not to mention the mere, fact that the man with 86 indictments is still free to fly on his private jet, and grift his ass off. While the Dumb schmucks, or as some would say the January 6th hostages our in lock up. Because of him.

Alabama……. You East Coast Elites don’t understand that he stands for the little guy.

 I replied,........ Are you kidding? The last time I checked Queens, New York is nowhere near  Silver Dollar City, or Bug Tussel. As far as your 

“He stands for the little guy” As long as you keep sending in little

 Billy Buba’s lunch money he’s going to LOVE YOU!!!

 So don’t get pissed, just


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