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How did we get here?

In the lead-up to the 2024 Presidential Election, it seems nearly unanimous that voters are tired of the current political environment in the United States of America. The political landscape has become remarkably partisan, and many voters feel dissatisfied with the current Biden administration. As of February 16, 2024, with 264 days until Election Day, Biden has a 39.4% approval rating according to political polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight. This compares to past Presidents, who at the same time into their administrations had ratings of 43.0% for Trump, 48.4% for Obama, 49.5% for Bush, and 48.9% for Clinton.

So my real question is: 

How & why is Trump where he is?

You would think with all his legal issues, he would be in the tank looking up.

Instead, he is about to lock up the presidential nomination for the Republican party.

It’s no secret being from New York where I stand on Mr.Trump, my opinion is he has been a con man/grifter and Fraudster all his life. 

So what am I missing?

Let’s ask Mr.Google

(Pollster Nate Silver has three theories for the rise of Donald Trump.)

1. Trump reflects a populist revolt against the establishment. Two losses to Barack Obama have soured many Republicans on the establishment choice.

2. There is a vacuum at the top of the party. This is ironic since the GOP has swept local and state races recently.

3. Nevertheless, no single obvious candidate was leading the pack. Plus, the increase in proportional voting in the early primaries means that one candidate is less likely to run away with the race.

So if I’m reading this right, Republicans are pissed because Obama beat them twice.

(Ipsos January 24th 2024)

Why Trump? Majorities of Republicans feel jaded with the systems that make up American life. Namely, the economy, politics, and the media. That means that Trump, who has long promised to “drain the swamp,” is a conduit for widespread anti-establishment sentiment.

Draining the swamp? Republicans largely don’t trust the mechanism of government, something Trump has long promised to address with his slogan, “drain the swamp.” Even so, while many Republicans don’t trust federal agencies, few Americans (including Republicans) think this should result in more dramatic action. Do Republicans want Trump’s actions as much as his rhetoric? Maybe yes, maybe not.

My problem  is that I read and look for facts, 

I could be wrong but, 

Did Trump Drain The Swamp?

You Tell Me.

(To be continued)

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