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How much do they really Make?

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Mitt Romney says,  lawmakers should get paid even more than $174,000 so that lawmakers stop sleeping in their offices.

       Last week Mitt Romney made the above statement. I don’t shame anyone trying to get ahead in life.Hell, my first job paid a big $1.95 an hour. So when I hear that $174,000 starting pay per year (not including perks) isn’t enough, I say let’s break this down, with simple math of course.

$174,000 / 40 hrs per week = 4,350 weeks

4,350 weeks / 52 wks. per year = 83,653,wks.

83,653,wks. / 12 months = 6.97 years

Now in working mans terms using $17.00 per hour starting pay:

$174,000 /  $17. Per hour =  10,235.29  hours

10,235.29 hours / 40 hrs per wk. = 255,882 wks.

255,882 wks./ 12 months = 21,333 years.

Now if that’s not ridiculous enough.

       The House of Representatives has averaged 146.7 "legislative days" a year since 2001, according to records kept. That's about one day of work every two and a half days. The Senate, on the other hand, was in session an average of 165 days a year over the same time period. The average work day lasts 5.76 hours.

So in plain english Mr. Romney

$174,000 / 146.7 work days = $1186.09 per day

$1186.09 per day / 5.76 hr’s of work = $205.91 per hour

Let;s not forget that when they are not working for us,

They are on K-Street begging for money.

Now about that raise.

Your Thoughts?

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