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“In Trump They Trust,” or The Art of Taking A Mile

So far, in this Presidential Election Season, we have been witness to 

Now just as lunch your was starting to settle down and breathing was easy, 

No matter what side you are rooting for, you have to admit we have seen some crazy shit.

Let’s start with this one.

This has only been within the last 2 months.

Your question has to be, again no matter what side you are on.

How did WE allow this SHIT to Happen?



By letting the PIG, SAY whatever DO whatever

THREATEN whoever he wants. 

I understand that the judge in New York sometimes had to tiptoe to keep the trial going. But you know a couple of hours in a holding cell with no cell phone,  WOULD of curved his enthusiasm a bit.

Now to Steve Bannon who keeps yelling 

“Are you ready to die for your country”

Is this the same Steve that 

Is Steve, Trump’s a War hero?

In Trump's own narcissistic way, all his life has pushed and shoved the system, and the system has never pushed back. Until now from downtown Manhatten, (spoiler alert) there is no bill the House can pass or no silver bullet from the Supreme Court can do to stop it.

No TRUMP Is Above The Law

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