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Insult To Stupid Pt. 2

Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

As I have said many times, 45 years in a hot kitchen has more than likely

fried some brain cells. And if this reads like something i wrote yesterday

could be. So why am I doing this?

He’s a Great Business man who truly loves America”

Listening to the Washington Journal this morning, a caller from somewhere in America made the above claim.

Let's leave out all the great trump policies that he installed, that made America oh hell i;ll say it,

“Made America great again” (Sorry Mom)

Let's pretend for a moment that you are hiring for your  family business

(whatever business it is doesn’t matter)

This guy walks into your office and says:

“I would like to apply for the position your advertising”

So while talking to him about the position you are hiring for you review his

( i’m not trying to insult anybody but play this out)

No being a understanding person you do a credit check on your future

So after the  45 minute interview is over, you tell Mr. Trump ,

“ thank you for coming in, we will call you”

 Now what are 


Before you answer, look yourself in the mirror and remember your family will be working with this guy.

Your Decision date is: 

November 5th 2024

Good Luck

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