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  Pardon my Language, Biden Did It 

What a terrific role model boy he's the best president this country ever had. What a bunch of shit he's an old Prick that's been screwing America for years.

  You know as well as I do he should be in jail by now. 

If you and I had done a 10th of what this man has done over the years we would be in jail. Instead somehow this country has gathered around saying oh poor Donald he's such a victim or Biden did it. Who was president when Trump raped this woman? wasn't Biden who was president when Trump took secret documents to Florida it wasn't Biden.When Trump paid off Stormy Daniels? it wasn't Biden. When he lied all those years in New York making real estate deals, who was president?  it wasn't Biden.

Bottom line if you are gullible enough to believe that this is the Joe Biden justice department then you know what God bless you and remember Trump loves stupid people that means you

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