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The Great Distraction

Trump, But he tried to overthrow our government !!

Trump is on trial, that dam Pecker, why is Hicks crying? look he’s sleeping again. Trump is all the rage (except on Fox)  where 20 million people a day are crossing the border. If I hear or read one more blurb about  “I liked his policies” Then if you look the other way you will find this little Trump Policy   

            So I hear it already “But he will build the wall and secure the border”

My answer to that would be why bother, inflation would be somewhere in the 20% range, The almighty dollar can be used to wipe your ass with it.

 For once Trump would be telling the truth about America becoming a banana republic. Case in point look at the disasters, learned in countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Need more proof?  Let’s look at Trump’s friend Erdogan in  Turkeywhose current annual inflation rate: is 68.5%  or in Venezuela where  Maduro another one of Trump's friends last year, inflation hit nearly 200%. Not to state the obvious, you know Trump's great financial record, casinos, Hotels, Airplanes, and Football teams, to mention a few. I have been told that I lean way over to the left, 

some say so left,  that  I’m on the right of Bernie Sanders. I end like this

If you think Trump and his wack-job idiots wouldn’t  “DARE” do such a thing, Please read the first line of this blog again.

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