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Fiscal Responsibility, Really ?

 the information below is from from Oct. 19th 2023.

  Jim Jordan, a Republican representative from the 4th congressional district in Ohio, is reported to have a net worth of roughly $30 million, according to Net Worth Club. Other sources, including, peg his net worth this year at $21 million. However, according to, his net worth as of 2018 was just $289,003. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Jordan’s wealth at about $200,000.

         Federal congresspeople typically earn $174,000 per year. According to Net Worth Club, reporting on alleged leaked tax documents, Jordan ostensibly holds assets in three bank accounts tied to his Social Security number, including one from Huntington Bank with a balance of roughly $700,000 and one at Chase Bank with a balance of $2.5 million.

         Mr. Jordan also has various business ventures and consulting jobs that earn him close to $1 million per year, per Net Worth Club. He supposedly has more than 10 rental properties, generating $710,000 in rental income annually. The properties are allegedly worth more than $8 million in total.

          So with the first day of 2024 in the books, we all know it's going to be a wild ride till Santa comes around again. One of the many topics that are discussed in the Washington Journal on CSPAN is Fiscal Responsibility. Many callers always protest that the government spends too much money. So 435 congressmen are earning about $174,000 just doing Basic High school math, which comes out to be $75, 690,000. Let me read that out to you that 75 MILLION 690 THOUSAND OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  

          I will be doing this to a good number of our elected officials BOTH sides of the aisle throughout the year. The reason for starting with Mr. Jordan from Ohio is, it seems he likes to yell a lot, and wears the same dirty shirt. Bottom line, it seems to me that fiscal responsibility takes a back seat when your starting salary is $175,000 a year, on both sides.

                                                          Your Thoughts?

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