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Trump's lips to God's Ears

 He has done it again!!

It was back just a few months ago when he claimed God Made  Trump.

Sure as the first signs of spring are all around, the grass is getting greener, and the sounds of PlayBall fill the stands.

And Dick is selling Bibles for $60. Plus shipping.

 As I have said before

“How did we let him take us so low?”

What's worse is we are all waiting for the next step down.

And the sad thing is it’s coming.

The media like a hungry paper tiger they are

Spins it, and somehow, we accept it.

It doesn’t matter FOX, NEWSMAX, CNN or MSNBC,

Democrat or Republican somehow this slimeball

Is playing all of us against each other.

Think of the stories about this one not talking to that one.

Or in your own family, Uncle Fred is a Trumper, blah, blah, blah

Meanwhile, the human scab is grabbing our cash with both hands.

This only stops when WE / YOU  want it to stop.

It won’t be that hard to do, It’s called VOTING. 

Now yes we have to cut off the head of the snake

But as well all his little suck-ups

In other words:

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