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“ What If Game #3”

So i can feel Game 3 will piss off quite a few readers, I see the comments already.You made that up, that's not true, and the ever popular Bullshit.

So here we go, let Game 3 begin

Game #3

What If a Republican President did all this in his first term

(Long Version)

The short version

1.Lowering Costs of Families' Everyday Expenses

2. More People Are Working Than At Any Point in American History.

Making More in America.

3. Rescued the Economy and Changed the Course of the Pandemic.

4. Rebuilding our Infrastructure.

5. Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans.

6. He Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act through 2027. 

7. He strengthened the NATO alliance in support of Ukraine after the Russian invasion by endorsing the inclusion of world military powers Sweden and Finland. 

8. The GDP report found the nation's economy grew at a 3.3% annual pace -- much more rapid than expected -- and he gave credit to Americans for an economy that has exceeded expectations.

9. Higher interest rates and better bank regulation stabilize the economy, fostering stock-market growth.

So if this was a Republican President with Numbers and achievements like all the above, You would hear “All hail the King”

But as we remember in Game #2 there was a BIG Switcheroo, here     

  it comes, and that President is…….

The Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Riden with biden 2024

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